Ruby Sturm Worrell

Our frisky, flamboyant, funny and just plain strange Aunt Ruby. This photo taken in 1923. On the back it says (in her handwriting) "Ruby Sturm Worrell, taken in Princeville, Ill. Omar borrowed the car--- we later married, October 1923." That would be Omar Worrell of the pencil moustache, her second marriage (after that, she stopped getting married.) We vote for the car being a 1920 Hupmobile. Borrowed! Any more commentary would be an Aunt Ruby story. (More photo links below the photograph.)

Ruby 1923

Ruby was something of a "glamour girl" but it doesn't shows up in photographs. She had very red hair--that probably had something to do with it. There're pictures of Mr. Wodruff here somewhere.
More photos:
1940s with BettyLou.
1950s in Florida.
1970s in Ruby's house with its mountainous hodge-podge of collectables, with Fee the poodle.

Ruby had a story that the father of AJ Sturm's wife Harriet Leasen was an English gentleman on the run after killing someone in a duel. He moved to America, changed his name, and settled down in Illinois. After he died, some men came to the town who had tracked him from England because he would have inherited a fortune. But because he had died--and changed his name--they never got it. That's an Aunt Ruby story (but she would have told it better). Sometimes things she said turned out to be true.

Frank tells about Ruby coming to visit Glouster and telling about a "secret path" to the beach that she learned about while visiting a Captain somebody some 40 years before. Frank and his friends had explored the entire area, couldn't believe that they would have missed anything like that, suspected it was another of her wild tales. Driving around sightseeing, she spotted the right area, jumped out and "went crashing through the thornbushes" dressed in her red velvet coat and high heels. Frank followed--and sure enough, there was the secret path.