Bessie Sturm Ernst

Bessie Sturm Ernst about 1930By the hat we think 1930s; but why is she all dressed up? Are those flowers she's holding?
Love the buttons; Mom says they would have been bright red. This might be the Chillicothe house.

Bessie was an inventor and had a patent on a knitting needle attachment. The company she leased the manufacture to did not promote it, and she didn't renew the patent when it expired. Here's the patent photograph. I recognize that afgan she's knitting!

She was a teacher for many years. When finally made to retire, she went back to school and got a cosmetology certificate (in 1976), giving her some funny stories about being in school with all very young women. She gave me the best haircut I ever had!

More pictures:
School photo with a nice smile.
Birthday with Carl Hartzell and Bill Hawley.