Clara Wilhelm Boylan

While going through the photos (2004) we found this one of Mom's friend's mother. Josephine and Mom (Betty Lou) have known each other since high school. Mom with her artist's eye noticed that Clara looked very like a Wilhelm. We emailed Josephine and got this response:

"Tell Christine that she was right - my Mom was a Wilhelm. It was her Uncle - Peter Wilhelm who was married to a relative of yours on your Dad's side - her name was Ernst."

Wilhelm Boylan She also adds about her relatives in the Peoria area--(Wilhelms and Holmes married each other, too) -
"Maureen has gone into genealogy internet information and has come up with tons of unblievable stuff. She decided one day that she was going to figure out where the "Holmes" money came from and it was unbelievable what she came up with. This Lydia Moss Bradley back in the 1800's had a brother, Zealy Moss, who had a son who was my cousin, Doc Holmes's grandfather. Lydia lost her husband and all her 6 children and had a million dollars. She met a lawyer who helped her turn the million into 2 million!  Big bucks in those days.  But without children she doted over her brother's child and she became a philanthropist building St. Frances Hospital in Peoria and she built Bradley University and all the decendants of her family went to Bradley for 4 years tuition free! Including my 4 cousins, Aunt Frances Holmes's kids, Nellie, Robert, Jean and Doc. Maureen sent me all the stuff she got off the internet and said "Guess what, Mom - the money came from whiskey! I laughed and laughed because that was exactly right.  I don't know if my cousins know that or not."