O'Hair Family

John O'Hair married Mary Catherine Vannier O'Hair b. 1861 in Bluffs, Ill. (Scott County.) Does anyone have pictures? I remember that Grandma had a few, but I don't know where they are. (Christine 2007)

Marriage record from the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index:
OHAIR, JOHN VANNIER, MARY K 11/13/1883 00B/0015 00004440 SCOTT
That's the date and license number.

While looking up the Vanniers I found this list of O'Hairs in Neelyville in the 1880 census (I noted the birth years):

    John OHAIR Self M Male W 43 IRE Coal Miner IRE IRE  (b. 1837)
    Rosa OHAIR Wife M Female W 43 SCOT Keeping House IRE IRE (b. 1837)
    John OHAIR Other S Male W 23 SCOT At Home IRE SC (b. 1857)
    Patrick OHAIR Other S Male W 21 SCOT At Home IRE SC (b. 1859)
    Mary OHAIR Other S Female W 19 SCOT At Home IRE SC (b. 1861)
    Sarah OHAIR Other S Female W 16 SCOT At Home IRE SC (b. 1864)
    James OHAIR Other S Male W 14 CAN At Home IRE SC (b. 1866)
    Daniel OHAIR Other S Male W 12 CAN At Home IRE SC (b. 1868)
    Stephen OHAIR Other S Male W 7 IL At Home IRE SCOT (b. 1873)

That's our Great-grandfather, the younger John. I had thought that he had come from Scotland by himself to Canada, but there is the whole family.

Where did they go? What became of them?

I also found this:
(Illinois Statewide Death Index; the only other O'Hairs listed are in Cook County.)

It looks like they probably arrived in Canada in 1865; I'm looking through ship's lists now, or at least what I can find without signing up for all of those costy "ancestor" sites that seem to have most of the information sewn up. Or not; you never know until you give them your money!

They were obviously in Canada long enough to have two children. Then to Illinois. There was a coal-mining boom in Illinois that was well underway in the area in the mid-1870s. Neelyville was on a railroad line, essential for coal production, and there was a mine there: "When the shaft was first opened quite a number of miners were employed. These men boarded at Van Gundy--a town which was near the present town of Bluff City, in Scott County." (History of Morgan County). The Illinois mines directory doesn't show any earlier than 1880s in Scott County. Mother Jones (1830-1930) who organized coal miners was from Illinois.

Anyway, here is what I have from the next generation:
  John O'Hair 2 born in 1/3/1885 no children
  Agnes O'Hair Kelley 2 b. 9/22/1886 children Marjorie Meaher, John Kelley, Richard Kelley.
  Carrie (Caroline) O'Hair Farnsworth 2 b.9/25/1888 no children (Dad --Carl Hartzell-- lived with her while his mother Mayme was ill, and she was a "second mother" to him and his favorite aunt.)
  Mary Elizabeth (Mayme) O'Hair 2 b. 9/13/1890 married Frank Daniel Hartzell, four children
  Lena O'Hair 2 b. 5/25/1894 no children
  Daniel O'Hair 2 b. 1/13/1899 no children (Daniel P. O'Hair's Will)
  Francis (Deke/Deacon) O'Hair 2 b. 3/61902 no children

Daniel O'Hair is buried in buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Muscatine County, Bloomington Township, Iowa:

 O'Hair Daniel P. 1899 1992
 O'Hair Hellen M. 1890 1973

O'Hair 1947 picture. Mom has written on the back "Meeting Carl's older relatives" Mom (Betty Lou) is on the left.
"Aunt Lena is next; Aunt Carrie (O'Hair Farnsworth) whom Carl loved like a mother; Uncle Deacon O'Hair (looks like Tommy Ricketts). These three are Mayme O'Hair Hartzell's brothers and sisters. This was printed from a Kodachrome of that year. Genevieve Hartzell is the young pretty one in the middle...we were on our way out west to live. Almost landed in Denver, car broke down in Salt Lake City, we ended up in Berkeley, California." Carrie is the thin one in the front next to Aunt GiGi.

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