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Grandma and Grandpa's Finney Street house

Record of our branch of the family starts in Switzerland with the Herzel name. First immigrant to the Americas from our line was in 1727. The progression over many generations has been from Pennsylvania to Darke County, Ohio, to Kansas, to Illinois, and to California. See the Narrative Page for more detail. (Oldest names first.)

1. Jacob Hirzel b. 1580 Pfaffikon, Switzerland m. Madalein Keller
Children: Jacob 1603, Hans Jacob 1604, Anna 1605, Hans 1607, Hans Heinrich 1609, Barbel 1610, Marx 1611, Hans Felix 1614, Urseli 1617, Heinrich Hans 1619, Elsbet 1621. narrative

2. Heinrich Hans Hirzel 1619-1663 m. 1646 Maria Steiner 1625-1663
Children: Catharina 1648, Verena 1650, Hans Heinrich 1652, Anna 1654, Maria Barbara 1656, Clemens 1659. narrative

3. Clemens Hirtzel1659-1707 m. (1) 1680 Anna Sinter, 1664-1738, m. (2) after 1700, Ursula.
Children (Anna Sinter's):
Hans Heinrich 1681, Hans Georg 1686 immigrated 1727, Maria Esther 1688, Christoph 1690, Hans Jonas 1694, Anna Christina 1697, Johann (John) Jacob1699, Maria Margretha 1699, Anna Margretha 1702, Hans Ulrich 1705. narrative

4. Hans Georg Hirtzel 1686-1755 m. 1703 Anna Margaretha Conrad 1684-1796
Children: Hans George , Hans Jacob, Anna Margaretha, Johann Dietrich, Johann Leonard. narrative

5. Hans George Hertzel 1714-1762 or 7 m. 1737 m. 1 Catherina ? b.1713 m. 2 ?
Children (Catherina's): Magdalena, Anna Christina, John, Anna Maria Margaretha, Friedrich, Johann Adam, Johann George, Susanna Catharina. narrative

6. Johann (Hans) George Hartzel 1749-1834 b. 8 Feb 1749, m. Hannah Philitz Kreiling 1751-1830
Children: Christine, Matthew, John George, John Philip, Catherine, Leonard, Sarah, John, Jacob, Henry, Elizabeth, Hannah, Susanna, Mary, Barbara. narrative

7. John Philip Hartzel 1771-1823 m. Elizabeth ?
Children: Hannah, Jonas, James, Henry, Philip, George, John Daniel, John Jerimiah. narrative

8. John Jerimiah Hartzell 1815-1853 m. Nancy Westfall (6 sons)
Children: William, Philip, David Daniel, John, Josiah, James A. narrative

9. David Daniel Hartzell 1844-1937 m. Matilda Jane "Tillie" Boots 1875 (wedding certificate and 50 year anniversary photo)
Children: Ernest, LeRoy Philip, Edna Augusta, Frank Daniel, Melvin Boots. (photo, 1940) narrative

10. Frank Daniel Hartzell 1887-1974 m. Mary Elizabeth "Mayme" O'Hair
Children: Mary Katheryn, Paul David, Carl Daniel, Genevieve Rose, Frank.

This record is from Ruth Salley Johnson (Frank Daniel 10 was her uncle) in the 1970s, and others.

Descendents of Frank Daniel Hartzell and Mayme O'Hair Hartzell:

11. Mary Katheryn Hartzell m. 1939 Ralph Edward Ryan
buried St. John's Cemetery, Bradford
    Ann Elizabeth Ryan m. 1 Charles Swanagin m. 2
    Children: Lisa Gayle Swanagin, Lori Ann Swanagin

    Francis Paul Ryan m. Carol Higdon
    Children: Kathleen Ann Ryan, Christopher David Ryan

11. Paul David Hartzell m. Maje Potter
    12. Joan Eugenia Hartzell m. Richard Read.
      Richard Priest Read, Jr.
      Corey Potter Read.
    12. Sally Jane Hartzell m. Donald Pilcher
      Matthew Paul Pilcher
      Elizabeth Joan Pilcher.
    12. Mark David Hartzell m. Janet Livingston
      13. Andrew David Livingston Hartzell
      13. Jonathan Miller Livingston Hartzell.
    12. Kay Elizabeth Hartzell m. Joseph Vespa.
      Michael Paul Vespa
      Margaret Jane Vespa.

11. Carl Daniel Hartzell m. Betty Lou Ernst
    12. Christine Ann Hartzell m. James Carlson
    Child: John Christof Carlson

    12. Stephen Daniel "Steve" Hartzell m. Holly Stormer
      13. John Carl Hartzell
      13. Emily Susanna Hartzell m. 2004 Daniel Reifel
         Child: Nathan Reifel
      13. Ashley Elizabeth Hartzell
      13. Joel Benjamin Hartzell

    12. Eric John Hartzell m. Kimberley Dukes

    12. Frank David Hartzell

11. Genevieve Rose Hartzell m. 1958 Edward Dorsey Ricketts
    Child: Thomas Edward Ricketts (and two stepchildren)

11. Frank Hartzell 1927-1944; died of polio; buried in Chilicothe Cemetery.