Carl Daniel Hartzell


Dad at Raymond in Oakland

Dad always tried to look so serious. This was at his office in Oakland. More:

Concrete (don't say cement!) being smoothed while everyone watches. Walnut Creek.

One of Dad's company cars (a pickup.) Richmond.

Dad building fixing working in Ft. Bragg.

Dad & Mom 1990s.

An example of Dad's favorite kind of photography.

Dad and Jim fixing something.

Monk and Dad in Ft. Bragg.

Monk works on the deck, 1991. Picture is tipped, not the house!

Monk stories.

A bio by Dad for his high school 50th reunion in Chillicothe, Illinois:

Carl Hartzell
1937 to 1942 University of Illinois, B.S. degree in Civil Engineering
1942 to 1946 United States Arm Air Corps
Discharged in September 1946. Married Betty Lou Ernst in Chillicothe. Moved to California in 1947. We have four children, all born in California. Until 1985 I worked for an international construction company. I worked all over the country, including Alaska and Puerto Rico. In 1985 I went to work for an oil company in Houston, Texas. I retired in 1986 when the oil company ran out of gas.

In November 1986 we moved to Ft. Bragg, California. We will stay here forever.

Dad was born July 18, 1919; he died on July 26, 1996.

Dad did travel a lot. Frank's first complete sentence was "Daddy's gone to Ripon!" (Ripon, CA was a job site--building Highway 5, I think.)

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