Old Ernst Homeplace, c. 1880

"The old homeplace that they talk about must be the home built in Medina Township where they are all born. It was on two acres of land that was deeded to Albert by Anton Mueller and later given to John. It is recorded as the southwest quarter of section five in Medina Township, Peoria County." (Joni Ernst Eaton)...Old Ernst Homeplace is what is written on the front. On the back is written in old-style script "by old M-- (probably Miller; from mom) House since burned down". Young woman in 1800s dress, barrels and a birdcage on the porch. I notice that the young woman has frizzled bangs, a fitted bodice and an overskirt, dating the picture to probably late 70s or early 80s. Oh the junk in the yard! In the original you can see what looks like a broken butter churn and piles of other broken stuff under the bush in front. The next few generations were much neater. Or at any rate, married neatnicks. Peoria County, Illinois.