Albert Ernst

Albert Ernst at 19

Albert at age 19. Also see the matching photo of his twin brother Jack at 19. Jack and Albert Ernst were so identical that even as old men it took a second to realize which one you were talking to... but you can tell them apart in the photos if you look carefully for a while. Albert is clearly the more energetic one.

More pictures:
Twins probably about 18mos. (they look like girls!) with Bill
Twins a little older, in their embroidered dresses.
As small children in front of the Ernst farmhouse, with parents and Bill in the carriage
Closeup of the Farmhouse picture. Too cute in their little round hats, like the boy in the old shoe ad.
In front of their old schoolhouse in Dunlap
Closeup of the schoolhouse picture; Bill, Albert, Jack (Looks like Bill has a firm grip on Albert's jacket!)
Twins at 19
JM, Albert, Marty, Marvin (1952)
JM, JCE, BettyLou, Christine (1952)