Ernst Farm (Dunlap) in 1955

This aerial view shows the JM Ernst farm in 1955, inherited by Jack Ernst, misspelled "Ernest" in the book. Mom (Betty Lou) says it appears here pretty much as when she was a child.

To the right in the picture would be JM's orchard; the fenced area to the back of the house was Grandma's garden, ringed around with bluebells. The big barn was for horses, she never saw cows or any other stock there. Under the trees to the far left was a garage, the walls hung with horse tack, tools, and all of the old licence plates JM had accumulated over the years. The building with the thing on top was the corncrib. Under the trees to the left of the house was another garage for the cars. The smaller building behind the house was the washhouse; Mom says "Grandma never hung her clothes outside, she always hung them inside the washhouse. It was quite large."

Next to the washhouse, hidden by the trees, was the windmill. The photos of us with JM were taken along the right side of the house; in the one with Marty you can clearly see the washhouse. (Jack, BettyLou, Christine, John Matthew and Albert, Marty, Marty, John Matthew)

When we visited in 2004, all traces of the house and outbuildings were gone. Only the corn remains.

ref: "American Ariel County History Series, This is Peoria County, Il." by John Drury, 1955; The Loree Co Publishers, Chicago

This is the other farm owned by the elder Ernsts (click for larger view.) This farm was left to William and Philomena. Mom says that there was a third farm, but they lost it during the 1930s depression. There was supposed to have been a farm for each son.

This is a Meyer farm, next farm down the road from the JM Ernst farm. Mom remembers Wallace and the farmhouse but doesn't recall just how we are related. Was this part of the JCE Meyer farm? This looked the same in 2004, maybe prettier. Mom remembers the railroad line there--map says "Chicago and North Western."

Pieces of Akron and Radnor plat maps showing the area and how section 36 (Akron) is next to section 1 (Radnor.) I forgot to write down the year. You can see the North Western RR line here (click for larger view.)

Medina Township in 1860 showing Albert Ernst (1)'s property (click for larger view.)