Family Photographs, Family Stories

Photos and tales of our family, old and new. To quote John Hartzell: "Story one, story two, story three..."

Special: John C. E. Meyer's obituary in Peoria's German language newspaper (1908) Translated by my friend Nancy Mennel.

Here's a June 2007 picture of some Ernst descendants - Joni, Christine, and Steve having hilarious fun doing genealogy, and a bored Joel in the corner.doing genealogy

Some people consider genealogy to be dull lists of names of the long gone and long forgotten, but I just don't see it that way. Maybe it's because our family is livelier than most, or maybe because we have more storytellers than other families do, or maybe it is all those photos in the big orange velvet album that make me think that those long gone folks still have plenty to tell us. Plenty about the nooks and crannies of our own history, the history of our country and even of our planet. The goal of this site is stories more than lists, but if you have either stories or lists that you would like to contribute, please do!

Speaking of stories, I've been working on that Aunt Ruby story about the lost inheritance; there's more to it than we ever suspected. Here's the link to what I've uncovered: The Thompson Legend. I'd like to hear that tape of Ruby telling the story. (2007)

Special attraction: Dog pages. Cute dogs, bad dogs, good dogs, hound dogs.